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The Story of God: Humility

Micah 6:1-8, NRSV
Matthew 9:9-13, NRSV


But you will perhaps see how, as baptized people are drawn into the priestliness of Jesus, they are called upon to mend shattered relationships between God and the world, through the power of Christ and his Spirit. As baptized people, we are in the business of building bridges. We are in the business, once again, of seeing situations where there is breakage, damage and disorder, and bringing into those situations the power of God in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in order to rebuild something. We may not offer sacrifices in the Old Testament sense but we offer and bring before God the reality of Jesus which has restored everything. We pray in Jesus that that restoration may apply here, and here, and here. And we offer our own service and devotion as best we can in the bridge-building process.

— Rowan Williams,
Being Christian

  • First 5 chapters of Micah, social injustice
  • Way to Humility
  • To believe we are not on our own
  • Americans sacrifices vacation time, in hopes of keeping employment
  • Human invent sacrifice
  • Pattern of sacrifice is within us
  • But we can be sure God will be with us, without anymore sacrifice

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