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The Story of God: A Difficult Descent

2 Kings 5:1-19, NRSV
Matthew 18:2-3, NRSV


If I had to name my disability, I would call it an unwillingness to fall. On the one hand, this is perfectly normal. I do not know anyone who likes to fall. But, on the other hand, this reluctance signals mistrust of the central truth of the Christian gospel: life springs from death, not only at the last but also in the many little deaths along the way. When everything you count on for protection has failed, the Divine Presence does not fail. The hands are still there — not promising to rescue, not promising to intervene — promising only to hold you no matter how far you fall. Ironically, those who try hardest not to fall learn this later than those who topple more easily. The ones who find their lives are the losers, while the winners come in last.

— Barbara Brown Taylor
Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith

  • Healing from our own pride and self-worth
  • Pope Francis: if we want to be healed, we need to be on the road of true humility
  • Believing Christianity is like (v14) Naaman going to the river of Jordan, swallowing pride and be humble, say Yes and accept the Gospel and believe
  • “Heal me for being a big deal”

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