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Series: The Ten Commandments
The Seventh Commandment:
Freedom and Sex

Exodus 20:14, NRSV
Matthew 5:27-30, NRSV


I am not advocating a return to the days of hiding… sexuality, but I am noting that the power and charge of sex are maintained when there is some sacredness to it, when it is not on tap all the time…

— Naomi Wolf
from “The Porn Myth,” in New York Magazine

  • Modern take of seven deadly sins: Sinning Boldly article on a book series by Oxford University Press
  • Catholics believe you destroy your freedom by sin
  • Modern readers think you gain freedom that way
  • Many believes Christian sexual ethics is to destroy freedom, to be restrictive, to be prohibitive
  • But the scripture we read is not meant to suffocate us, but to liberate us from lust, and free us to love
  • Bible doesn’t say sexual desire is bad
  • Lust is not same as sexual desire
  • Lust is sexual desire of pleasure only, without any kind of love and care
  • Sexual desire is not just bodily function
  • The liberal view of sex in the west has no mystery
  • 3 invitations from words of Moses and Jesus
  • To Heal
    • from being sexual sinners
    • no scar and wound is too deep for Jesus
  • To transformation
    • v28: not just to behave properly, but also in intention and thinking
  • To taste God’s Love
    • promise making, promise keeping
    • God’s vow to us, in Jesus

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