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Series: The Ten Commandments
The Third Commandment: Entrusted with God’s Name

Exodus 3:11-17, NRSV
Exodus 20:2, 7, NRSV


If it doesn’t look like love, if it’s not beautiful, if it doesn’t promote peace, let it go, it doesn’t flow from God.

— Brian Zahnd

  • Commandments are like Israelites’ constitutions
  • Don’t misused God’s name, not to take it in vain, to make something sacred to be voided
  • Names in ancient times are closely guarded, names of persons, cities
  • It is significant when God’s name is given to Moses
  • Our strategy to our lives in this world, our view of the world, usually that’s how we see God
  • God that would be name of our God, God of Peace, God of Justice, God of the wise, God of Perfection. We usually identify with one name of God more than others
  • Essentially God’s name is Love

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