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Promised Power

Acts 2:1-21, NRSV


kind of
fire, and
new speech
brought to voice:
words that are flames
through walls that divide;
language that’s praise sung
in harmonies of the Spirit;
inclusive vocabulary of love.
Drink deep the new wine of
freedom, all slaves. Dream
as equals, world’s sons and
daughters. See the visions
of the kingdom of peace.
Wherever wind blows
the Spirit will flow:
the fire that
God’s love.

— Andrew King
Pentecost Fire (Acts 2: 1-21)

  • Sermon Note: this is the end of story that started 9 months ago, a journey through the biblical story that moves from Creation through the early Christian church
  • But the end is really the beginning
  • Committed followers at crossroad, after the end of time for Jesus on earth
  • Then the start of God working in them
  • Beginning of our lives with Christ in us
  • We receive power of God, only when we admit our weakness
  • We may face the strugle of control, to allow God and the Holy Spirit to work in us

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