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Series: Lord of Lent
Trial Before Pilate, Part 2

John 19: 1-16a, NRSV


I’ve often thought… that if I’d been a journalist in the Holy Land at the time of our Lord’s ministry, I should have spent my time looking into what was happening in Herod’s court. I’d be wanting to sign up Salome for her exclusive memoirs, and finding out what Pilate was up to, and… I would have missed completely the most important event there ever was.

— Malcolm Muggeridge
quoted in First Things

  • Pilate didn’t really want to be there, be bothered
  • He realized he need to handle the situation carefully (v8)
  • Pilate’s fear, hope, pride
  • Pilate hoped the beating/flogging were enough for Jewish leaders, but they responded “crucified him”
  • Jesus was mocked because of His claim of being Son of God
  • C.S. Lewis said of Jesus’ claim is either of no importance, or infinite importance, but it cannot be is moderately important
  • Tim Kellor mentioned in his sermon that Anne Rice was surprised of the hostility to Jesus throughout Jesus
  • Even many New Testament scholars despised Jesus, Son of God
  • Pilate is fear of rich Jewish leaders, and uprising of poor Jewish populations
  • It’s a matter of classes, he asked “Where you came from?” (v8)
  • Pilate realized it’s struggle of spiritual power, even though he boast about his own power
  • But Jesus says Power comes from God (v11), people’s power is temporary, on loan
  • We all have power, but how are we using it?
  • Parents have physical, financial, relational powers over their children
  • Bosses in workplaces have power of cultivating the culture, either with grace, or running treadmill
  • Pilate’s pride is challenged by Jewish leaders, questioning authority of Emperor

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