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Lenten Sermon Series: Everyday Spirituality
Everyday Awe

Psalm 147: 1-11, NRSV


There is nothing drab about worship: but something rather exciting as we wait for God to move. There is nothing clerical about it: every member is involved. There is nothing verbose about it: silence can be golden. “There was silence in heaven for about half an hour” when the ascended Jesus disclosed himself (Rev. 8:1) Time after time I have known a divine stillness fall upon a congregation when the Spirit of God has been active in it. Nobody moves. Nobody wants to go. Sometimes it is a total silence. Sometimes it leads into informal praise. But everyone knows that the Lord has made his presence felt.
— Michael Green, from
Living the Story: Biblical Spirituality for Everyday Christians

  • Awe, as in Worship
  • Children need stories in order to worship; celebrating stories
  • Are we aware of what story we celebrate when we worship?
    • Story of God’s steadfast love
  • Rehearsing the Story
    • There is a need to repeat it
    • Like practicing an musical instruments
    • Muscle memory for the soul
    • Adjustment/Improvement will slowly come
  • Practicing the Story
    • Be part of the story
    • Be recipient of God’s love, and participate in spreading God’s love and message
    • To welcome others
    • To teach children to tithe, to gift

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