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The Bread of Life

John 6:24-35, NRSV


We never seem to be satisfied with what we possess or achieve; we are restless and crave what is novel.
As Plato puts it, we are like leaky vessels. It is as though we were containers into which we keep pouring things, but we never get filled up because there is a hole in each container and something is always leaking out. So we spend our lives trying to attain fullness, satisfaction, and completeness, and yet we never do. We go on thinking that if we only we had just a bit more, then we would be satisfied; if we had something else, then our potential would be realized, our happiness assured, and our fulfillment achieved.
— Diogenes Allen

  • We have forgotten our Spiritual Hunger, in the midst of earthly hunger/desire
  • Not all pursuits or hunger on earth are good
  • Our pursuit has replaced the joy, it has become the satisfaction
  • Medical term FTT: Failure to Thrive
  • Response to FTT:
    • “More Signs” (v30): Don’t ask Jesus to jump thru hoops; trust and believe him
    • Not a one off event, but a daily discipline
      • To live day by day with God, asking for daily bread
      • Make room for God, listen to Him
      • Daily discipline with God free us, not restrict us; allowing God to work within you
    • Jesus as the Bread of Life sacrifices for us; with death and then resurrection
      • We also need to die with the old life, to have new resurrection

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