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Lenten Sermon Series: Songs of Lent
Authentic King

Philippians 2:3-11, NRSV


But the decision to become human, and to go all the way along the road of obedience, obedience to the divine plan of salvation, yes, all the way to the cross — this decision was not a decision to stop being divine. It was a decision about what it really means to be divine. Jesus, the eternal son of God, the one who became human in and as Jesus of Nazareth, regarded his equality with God as committing him to the course he took: of becoming human, of becoming Israel’s anointed representative, of dying under the weight of the world’s evil. This is what it meant to be equal with God. As you look at the incarnate son of God dying on the cross the most powerful thought you should think is: this is the true meaning of who God is. He is the God of self-giving love. And his progression through incarnation to death must be seen, not as something which required him as it were to stop being God for a while, but as the perfect self-expression of the true God.
— Tom Wright, from
Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters

  • Ironic Holy day: one day He was called Hosanna the Highest, next day He was crucified by the same people
  • How big is our view of Jesus? Are we only dealing with parts of Him?
  • “First” Hymn
    • Fully God (v6)
      • it is both great news and challenging demands
      • we give up our small ambition
      • being patience with others
    • Fully Human (v7)
      • it means God cares about this Earth
      • healing not just spiritually and emotionally, but also socially and physically
      • it means He is patience with us because He knows how it feels to be human
    • Fully Obedient (v8) in contrast to Adam and Eve
      • He is God of self-giving love, who pursues you

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