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Lenten Sermon Series: Songs of Lent
Authentic Sacrifice

Psalm 51, NRSV


What we have lost… is a full sense of the power of God — to recuit people who have made terrible choices; to invade the most hopeless lives and fill them with light; to sneak up on people who are thinking about lunch, not God, and smack them up side the head with Glory.
— Barbara Brown Taylor, from
Home By Another Way

  • v4 – you realize how you sin against God, then you realize how you sin against others
  • Glory: the ultimate weight, the ultimate worth
  • v16 – only authentic sacrifice would be accepted by God
    • True to yourself
      • humble yourself in front of God
    • True to God
      • to know God, His abundant grace and mercy, and His love for us
      • we can be confident of all that because of Jesus
    • True to the Community
      • v18-19 – it cannot be only about yourself

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