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Lenten Sermon Series: What So Good about Good Friday?
The Fifth Word: I Thirst

John 19:28-37, NRSV


The stories in John of Jesus offering living water, of those following him never being hungry or thirsty, only heightens our sens of horror and awe, as we get the full impact of what John is saying, at the thought of Jesus himself being….thirsty. Had the water of life failed? Had the wine run out for good? He saved others; could he not save himself? As with the crown of thorns and the mocking purple robe, this (John is saying) is part of the truth of it all. This is how Jesus must do what only he can do. He must come to the place where everyone else is, the place of thirst, shame and death. That, too, is a fulfillment of scripture (Psalm 69:21). That is his glory and, yes, his joy.
— N.T. Wright, from
John for Everyone

  • Plan
    • fulfill the scripture
    • promise of God, something great coming out from darkness
    • provision, not fatalism
    • our view to the struggle is changed
  • Promise
    • to be present in our lives
    • you’ll always thirst, until Christ is the center of your lives
  • Purpose
    • the cross re-purposing you
    • take up the cross and follow Him
    • we reorient our lives

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