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Lenten Sermon Series: What So Good about Good Friday?
The Second Word: You Will be With Me

Luke 23:32-43, NRSV


Whoever heard of a suffering God? The idea is plain daft. God is up in heaven, and there he will stay. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were true? If God came to visit us, like a great king visiting his subjects? Or, even better, if he came among us as one of us, sharing our way of life, with all its tragedy, sorrows and grief?
— Alister E. McGrath
What Was God Doing on the Cross?

  • “The foolishness of the Cross”
  • Rejected King
    • There won’t be transformation until we stop seeing Jesus as someone we can use, and start seeing Him as beautiful
    • We put criteria, to have Jesus be personal assistance, to be useful to us
  • Received King
    • Prayer won’t be focusing on personal situation/circumstances
    • Prayer would be about stability of soul
  • Relational King
    • Jesus responded with relationship
    • The relationship is the paradise

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