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Called to Community: Intensity

Matthew 5:23-24; 46-48; 7:1-6, NRSV


Sin, both our own and that of others, drives us into customized selfishness. Separation from God becomes separation from neighbor. The same salvation that restores our relation with God reinstates us in the community of persons who live by faith. Every tendency to privatism and individualism distorts and falsifies the gospel. The Bible knows nothing of the soul who is, in Plotinus’s words, “alone with the Alone.”
— Eugene H. Peterson
Reversed Thunder

  • Community of Intensity
  • Truth-telling
    • aggressive to seek reconciliation
    • aggressive to be known by other people
    • aggressive to be part of community
  • You are accountable to other people’s growth
  • Others are also accountable to your growth
  • What happen when one of us is harden in our heart?
    • exalt one another every day
    • it is not negotiable, only community can soften your heart
    • to speak truth to our lives
    • to be completely known, not rejected, but loved

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