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Growing into Your Baptism

Galatians 3:23-29, NRSV


Baptism does not primarily express our turning from the old life to the new, but rather presents to us the new life toward which we must continually turn. Baptism thus points to God’s generous cleansing and renewing grace poured out upon us, and repentance and faith reflect our grateful response to that grace in faith and allegiance… Baptism does not so much express our faith as it calls us to faith. Yet without a life of growing faith, we will experience none of the blessings that are promised to us in baptism. Faith is our opening of our hands to receive the gifts God gives to us in baptism. If our hands are not open, the gifts may still be offered, but we will not receive them. — James V. Brownson The Promise of Baptism

  • Growing into Your Baptism, into Messiah’s clothes
  • Baptism – common word, but different people have different definition/idea
    • ritual
    • declaration of one’s faith
    • incorporating into a family
    • receiving new identity
    • transformation
  • Fully Grown Life
    • Brings you to the family where there is forgiveness
    • Brings you to the family where you matter
    • Brings you to the family where you have a future , where God’s people is

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