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Sermon Series: Living Out the Resurrection

Hebrews 4, NRSV


Busyness is the enemy of spirituality. It is essentially laziness. It is doing the easy thing instead of the hard thing. It is filling our time with our own actions instead of paying attention to God’s actions. It is taking charge. — Eugene H. Peterson The Contemplative Pastor

  • it is easier to say “I believe” than “I am at rest”
  • quantity vs quality of rest
  • what is Rest?
    1. we are all restless
    2. real rest comes from the completion of work
    3. intention to acknowledge/recognize God’s command, His creation
    4. “stop hiding, stop striving”
  • Rest is
    • rooted in creation
    • found in God
  • Sabbath as a spritual issue, rather than tactical issue

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