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VIP Lounge at the top?

Just outside of the city of Salzburg, there were a couple of places we visited. One is the Hellbrunn Palace, which is a popular attraction for the Sound of Music fans. All three of us watched the movie for the first time not long before the trip, but I think we only like the movie ok, so we weren’t too excited about visiting Hellbrunn Palace. The most interesting thing there is the “trick” fountains (all operated by water pressure and mechanics), but I think the tour guide was having too much fun, trying to get us tourists wet by those hidden fountains. The palace and the garden is quite nice, but probably not as nice as the other ones we saw in the trip.

The other place just outside of Salzburg we visited is not really an attraction, but a fancy restaurant that I tried to persuade others to try. Even though we didn’t have meals there, we went there anyway because the building where that restaurant located looks interesting. The building is called Hangar-7, owned by the company that makes Red Bull. It was actually a real hangar for the Salzburg airport, but they turned this into a museum/restaurant/bar entertainment complex. It looks pretty cool. And for that fancy restaurant, they flew in some celebrity chef every month. Too bad that for the month we were there, we weren’t too interested in the chef’s menu.

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