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Trip 2007: Vienna

Nice Cafe in Leopold Museum, Cafe Leopold

Vienna was a little disappointing to us, mostly because of the weather (it was pretty much wet the whole time we were there.) Maybe in the back of our mind, we wish to have some classical music soundtrack to accompany us in Vienna, but we didn’t even see any street performers (kinda hard with wet weather.) And because it was low season, many things were closed or in maintenance. Even though there were less tourists, I think a little more people around would make the city a little more lively.

The apartment we got in Vienna was quite good; everything was clean and nicely furnished (Ikea stuff can’t go wrong) It’s good that Vincent found this place, because I wouldn’t be able to come up with this place, not without much reviews online. (Although now I found their website: http://www.wienappartements.at )

If weather kept us down for sightseeing, I think we did relatively well in terms of eating. It probably has more to do with the fact that we weren’t planning to spend big for meals in Vienna. I didn’t expect much, so the places we visited didn’t have to do much meet or exceed my expectation. And of course the cafe there has great chocolate cakes (oh, that’s right, we were planning to have dessert all the time, instead of real meals)

Here is the list of places we visited for lunch and dinner:

  • Soho (Canteen, reviewed in Lonely Planet) – well hidden in the Hofburg Imperial Palace, I think it’s meant for locals. Food is not bad (but nothing fancy), and it’s quite cheap.
  • Toko Ri (Japanese, reviewed in LP) – local Japanese chain that is probably run by Chinese (some waiter speaks Mandarin.) Their raw fish seems fine, and the Bento box is pretty good value (relative to other food you get there)
  • Cafe Leopold (International, reviewed in Frommers and LP) – located inside the Leopold Museum. Inexpensive and very good looking place. Food is quite good as well (it has some Asian fusion stuff) I think it is more like a bar late at night.
  • Cafe Demel (Cafe, reviewed in Frommers and LP) – one of many cafes we could have tried in City Center. This one does not disappoint, Hot Chocolate and chocolate cake was excellent.
  • Chang’s Asian Noodles (Asian, reviewed in LP) – not exactly in tourist area, and it probably caters to local workers. The noodles was not bad, and not expensive (again relatively speaking). Decor is the standard Chinese modern style (can I call it Chinese 2.0 style?)
  • Plutzer Brau (Pub, reviewed in Frommers and LP) – Standard pub food with nice decor and quite a bit of people. Food was decent and inexpensive. Beer was pretty good.

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