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Inside Staatsoper, State Opera House

It is interesting that, unlike other cities in this trip, we found quite a bit to do during evening/night time in Vienna. Top on the list was to watch a show in the opera house. We actually went there twice (because first time we were quite late, even for last minute walk-in). It was definitely a nice experience, to see an opera in Vienna (so cultural!) We also went to a historical Ferris Wheel, not far from our apartment. It is totally a tourist trap (and kinda a rip-off), but it was something interesting to do.

I also reserved some evening time to visit Rathaus, the City Hall. I wanted to take some pictures of the building with lights on, probably because I saw some of Kelvin’s pictures and also some in guidebooks. I know Vienna has such long history and all, but I just can’t believe how great their City Hall looks, putting Toronto City Hall in shame.

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