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I’m this close of getting rid of my MSN Live Space blog page…

While I continue being impressed by WordPress I installed in lightrelay.com, Live Space is quite restrictive.  It doesn’t allow embedded Flash or Javascript in the blog (although they do provide a Sandbox that allows those, but there could be only one Sandbox)

So while I added a Flickr slideshow to lightrelay.com, I know it wouldn’t work in Live Space.  I did try the Sandbox, and it was alright.  But then it is not associated to the blog entry, and it takes quite a bit of time loading Live Space.  So I was thinking maybe I can live with just a HTML Flickr Badge. 

To my surprise, even the HTML Badge provided by Flickr requires Javascript.  So I figure it can’t be that hard to convert it into straight HTML.  By “can’t be that hard”, I meant being able to google search it.  But after hours, the best thing I see was someone’s online service that reads from Flickr sight.  http://flickrbadge.theducky.com/  It’s a fine service, and it’s free, but it could be crashing this guy’s hosting service.  So I would rather not using it.

After google-exhausted, I thought maybe I can do it myself, figuring out what does the Flickr’s Javascript do.  The key is the URL Javascript Call like this: http://www.flickr.com/badge_code_v2.gne… After spending another hour or so, I finally figure out how to see the source code; I just need the Firefox browser, and enter the URL Javascript Call, then the browser would just display the code.

I do understand why Flickr made this a Javascript call, it is because it allows the Badge to display different pictures (if you have more pictures in the pool than you are displaying)  But that’s not what I have, I just want to display all 4 pictures in the Badge.  Now knowing the source code, I can change the code from Flickr Badge to not having Javascript (and CSS definitions, another Live Space limitation)

So in the end, is it worth the trouble?  I’m not sure either, after all, the work of converting the code is not that quick and easy, but at least it’s not complicated.  And I just like the way Flickr does it… the look and style.  I guess it’s worth it if I post more Flickr Badges, like here…


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