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Ever since I saw the movie A Prairie Home Companion, I got hooked on listening to the actual radio program.  So much so I go back to their archives and listen to their old shows (and wouldn’t shut up and keep telling my friends that I’m listening to the program.)  Maybe it’s their silly radio-acting with exaggerating sound-effects, but it’s more likely because of the music they play on the show.  It’s sometimes jazzy, sometimes blues, sometimes folk music.  Anyway, there is this one song I like from the show, I’d like to keep a note on.  The song was performed by Kate Mackenzie in a show about 10 years ago(!) at 1:16:27.

A Grown Woman (A Woman Like Me)
by Greg Brown and Kate Mackenzie

A grown woman, a woman like me,
Walks alone in the evenin’
   thinkin’ ’bout her baby,
Not the one who left when things got to where
   they just couldn’t understand,
No, the one she used to carry
   who’s now grown up to be almost a man.

A grown woman, a woman like me,
Can still see him come a-runnin’
   and hollerin’ for mommy,
Hope the love she’s given him
   will help him understand,
How to really give love back,
   how to be a kind and a gentle man.

A grown woman, a woman like me,
Turns off the porch light,
   wishes on the first star that she sees,
Oh, please lord, take care of him,
   for I have done all that I can,
Now he’s out there with his all kinds of dreams
   of what it is to be a man.

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