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When: Day 2 to 4 (2 nights)
Location: Closest city Puerto Maldonado; half hour drive to the Tambopata River, then an hour boat ride up the river
More Info: http://www.perunature.com/lodges_pa.php
Before going on this trip, a friend of mine and I were talking about the rainforest jungle part of the trip. He was wondering if I would need to paddle the boat, to get to the lodge. Well, that got me worried a little too, images of the TV show Survivor started coming to my mind, I hope I won’t get myself and my backpack all wet, or worse, having to swim (there are meat-eating fishes)
Actually I think I enjoy the boat ride the most there. With the breeze blowing, it is the coolest place to be in the rainforest. And since we always seem to be on a boat during sunrise/sunset time, I get to take some nice pictures. It’s too bad that the rest of the rainforest trip was a blur to me, having less than 2 hours of sleep the night before. For more detailed description of this little visit, it can be found at this link: http://www.perunature.com/tours.php We basically followed the iternary pretty closely, except we didn’t get to visit the parakeet clay lick because it was raining hard at one point; it would be nice to see the macaws and parrots.
The lodge there is quite amazing; it exceeds all my expectations, or maybe lack of any. It kinda reminds me of Hawaii (ok, maybe not as nice) but the room, the lounge, the dining hall were all very nice and clean. Our tour guides there, Carol and Augusto, did a very good job taking us to places and explaining plants and insects to us.
As much as I enjoy the time there, I’m not a big fan of bird watching or looking at nature, so two nights in the lodge is really quite enough for me.
Final note: on our flight leaving the rainforest, I was chatting with a Slovenkia woman sitting next to me. She commented that she knows an Asian friend from Toronto, speaking Ensligh the same way me and Vince do. I guess there is such a thing as Toronto Asian accent.

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