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Before going on this trip, I spent quite a bit of time and money on getting stuff in preparing for the trip.  It turns out not everything I got was that useful.  In fact, there were times we had to re-pack our luggages and leave behind some of the stuff at the hotel, so I was well aware of what things I did not use at all.  Here is my rating of the stuff I brought with me to Peru:

Backpack cover (C-)
– would have been useful if we actually bring our big backpacks to the jungle and Inca Trail, but they were in hotel most of the time, never in danger of getting wet

Waterproof daypack (A-)
– it’s actually a little big for daypack, but I was carrying it everywhere, and it does keep everything dry in there

Travel quick dry towels (B-)
– used them once in camping on the trail; it does absorb water pretty quickly, but I forgot to wash them before using them for the first time, so it was a little dirty

Hiking boots (A+)
– love my new hiking boots; Gore-tex, waterproof and all; my feet were never in pain

Hiking socks (A+)
– 4 pairs for daily walking (and quick dry after wash), 4 pairs for more hardcore hiking; worked out very good, worth the money I spent (more than $40)

Knee-length socks (C-)
– only pair of socks I didn’t use; it was meant for using with rubber boots they have in the jungle, but I just keep using my hiking boots

Inner sheet for sleeping bag (C-)
– any bed sheets would’ve worked

Thermal underwear/tights (C-)
– it was never that cold, so they were left untouched

Travel underwear (B+)
– there was almost no need for these quick dry after wash underwear; I used hotel laundry service twice, but I did have to wash them myself once.  They did get dry pretty quickly

Windproof/waterproof jacket (A+)
– love my new Gore-tex XCR jacket, a must while hiking in the rain

Binoculars (B-)
– my cheap binoculars helped me a bit on bird watching in the jungle

Head Flashlight (A+)
– very useful in the jungle and the trail at night

Compass (C-)
– never had to use it; tour guides know their way

Water proof camera case (B-)
– I almost had to use it in Machu Picchu; other than that, there was really no need

Rain poncho (B-)
– used it once while in the jungle; served its purpose

Walking Stick (A-)
– very useful hiking uphill; not so much going downhill

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